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History of Includid

Includid represents a partnership of the Former Friends of Alexandra, the associated Psychiatric Hospitals in the Western Cape
and the provincial health department. The union was formed in 1997 to deal with the de-institutionalisation of people with
intellectual disabilities from the Alexandra and Lentegeur Hospitals.

Many of the residents had formerly lived in hospitals for much of their lives and had no family to return to. Historically parents
were encouraged to leave intellectually disabled children at the hospital and advised to forget that that they existed. The
supposition was that these children would not live for long and that it would be better for the parents not to form a bond
with them. When the residents were moved to Includid strenuous efforts were made to contact many families but often
they were untraceable. As a result many parents still have living children that they are not aware of.

Today our view on intellectual disability and psychiatric illness has changed substantially. We are aware that if we take time
and interest many people can develop a range of skills and be almost independent. This is what we aim to facilitate at Includid.