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The Life Story of Cameron Muir

Cameron is 27 years old, he has lived at Includid since August 2011. He lived with his parents until the age of 24. He enjoys beading, watching movies, reading and going out. He dreams of one day being a policeman. He is basically literate but not numerate, he loves money and spends it as fast as he gets it. He loves walking. He can use a computer and downloaded an application form to join the police force. He is epileptic and looks up information about his condition. He is very talkative and inquisitive and impatient.

He can shave, wash and dress himself without help. He can make tea and coffee and can even make a sandwich though he is a bit messy!

He has worked in a herb garden and bakery. He attended several schools for learners with special educational needs.

He has no awareness of danger and needs someone to look out for him.

Cameron tells his story...
(in his own words)

I started getting seizures at 6 months old. When I was small I went to Merriespruit in Virginia, Free State. Not Virginia in America. It's not a normal crèche where people play and learn stuff, we learnt gospel songs. I was naughty. I used to bite the kids. There was a lady named Aunty Bups, she was fond of me. She took me to her house where she made pap and wors. Debbie Duplessis was another lady that worked there, but I didn't like her.

Once I was thrown with a brick and my head was bleeding really badly.

At Merriespruit they had a horse and car without wheels or doors for the kids to play in.

Then I attended Amari School in Welkom. I was abused at that school. The principal had the fan on in his office and one day he picked me up and put my head so close to the fan. He used to hit me with a strap and lock me in the toilet. I lived in the hostel on the school premises. The second principal would pull our pants off and beat us black and blue. If we were eating and got sick the staff would force you to eat your food. Sometimes they would hit us with their keys.

Later I attended Harmony. A learner hit me and the principal saw so the principal hit both of us. My mom, brother and I moved to Cape Town. I was in a crèche for a while then I went to Jan Kriel and then to Paarl School in Brackenfell.

When I was about 17 we went to my school to say I don't want to attend anymore. I stayed at home for a while. Then my mom put me in Camphill, Hermanus. Later I went to Trevelyn Lodge where they kicked me out, because my dad didn't pay the fees for me to be there. Afterward I stayed at home for a few days.

My mom was introduced to Includid by Debbie Geary, Mark's mom. I came in for an interview and met Abigail and Chanelle.

When I was about 17 my mom's dad died of cancer. I heard my mom crying and asked what is going on. My dad tells me my granddad is sick and my mom tells me my granddad has cancer. I started crying, because I was going to lose him as well. He died on a Sunday and the funeral was on a Wednesday. He was cremated, not buried like my grandma. So anyway my grandparents are gone. My dad's parents died of heart attacks and my mom's parents of cancer.

Life at Includid is nice. There comes a time when there are fights, but I deal with it.

I still have family in Johannesburg from both my mother and father's side. I like to be at Includid and my new home in Forest House. I work at Employment Training every day. I have a friend that makes me laugh at all times at Forest House, her name is Annie Arendse. She is really full of jokes; I like to spend time with her.

I first worked in the papermaking project, moved to the lavender project and then to the garden. In the papermaking and lavender projects I was participating in beading. Now I work in the garden. I can even identify herbs as I am very knowledgeable about herbs. I got a lot of opportunities to apply for jobs in the community. I applied at SAPS, Coca Cola and Alexandra Hospital. Hopefully my dream will come true as I have a lot of experience.

Cameron's video life story
Cameron, telling us
his life story
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