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About Us
  What the National Lotteries Heritage Project is all about

THE NLDTF allocated a grant to Includid to document the stories of several of the residents. Currently there is no documented history of people with intellectual disabilities (PWID). They are marginalized and almost invisible throughout society and this project will hopefully help to counteract that.

Our approach is to show that people can live happy and productive lives if they are given appropriate care and support.

On this site some of the residents tell their stories to the camera, others have chosen to tell their story in writing. Some have done both. Their stories have not been edited as the purpose is for the residents to speak for themselves. Many of the residents grew up in hospitals in a time when it was thought that not much could be done for PWID. Parents were urged to leave their children at the hospital and to forget about them. With the change from institutionalised care to community living it has become apparent that PWID can do much more than people think them capable of.

We hope to reach out to other disability groups throughout the world to hear their stories. We also hope that it will change the way that you think about PWID.

You can read more about intellectual disability below.
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